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Launch Giveaway – Winner

VFA launch competition – and the winner is …

To celebrate the launch of the VFA, seven VF titles from our founding members were up for grabs.  Thanks to all of those who entered.

We now have a winner: Kevin Thomas



1 )SANDY NATHAN (Kindle)

Complete saga: Tales from Earth’s End:

– The Angel & the Brown-eyed Boy

– Lady Grace

Sam & Emily



Book One of the Carry on the Flame series:

Carry on the Flame: Destiny’s Call


3) SALEENA KARIM (Kindle, epub, PDF)

Systems – A Novel


4) D. E. LAMONT (Kindle, epub, PDF)

The Way of the Eagle: An Early California Journey of Awakening


5) PEGGY PAYNE (Kindle, PDF)



6) MICHAEL SUSSMAN (Kindle, epub, PDF)

Crashing Eden



The Doorway to PAM


Good Luck!

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About Saleena Karim

Saleena Karim is the author of the political biography "Secular Jinnah & Pakistan" and the award-winning visionary fiction novel "Systems". She is also a co-brainchild of the Visionary Fiction Alliance. Her websites are and

2 comments on “Launch Giveaway – Winner

  1. Kevin C Thomas
    September 14, 2012

    I still can’t believe all these wonderful books, thank you.


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