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A Visionary Fiction group at Linkedin

Nadine May

I have created a visionary fiction network group, the ‘Visionary fiction network group’, on Linkedin, for promoting the VF genre. All VF authors are welcome to join, and can find us here

About Saleena Karim

Saleena Karim is the author of the political biography "Secular Jinnah & Pakistan" and the award-winning visionary fiction novel "Systems". She is also a co-brainchild of the Visionary Fiction Alliance. Her websites are and

3 comments on “A Visionary Fiction group at Linkedin

  1. margaretduarte
    January 18, 2013

    Thanks so much, Nadine. I’ll check out – and join -the Visionary fiction network group soon.


  2. visionaryfictionauthor
    February 2, 2013

    thank you Nadine for another VF network outlet. I have joined and participated as you already know!


  3. Sandy Nathan
    February 3, 2013

    Hi! Just applied for membership in the group. Sounds good!


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