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Big Breaking News Here–Please Read!

Behind the scenes during the past several months, a skilled crew of technicians, designers, and advisors (names to be revealed with due applause later) have been hard at work upgrading the Visionary Fiction Alliance Website to a whole new and more sophisticated format. On December 10, the content of the old site was moved as-is to the new location although those logging into the site will still land on the old site and see the old format. No new posts will appear on the old site (after this one) and any comments made on the old site after December 10 will not be transferred over.

We estimate that it will take no more than a week to complete the transfer. Once that is done. you will be automatically redirected, using the same URL, We certainly hope the switch will be obvious and awe-inspiring. The look and navigation will be different but not difficult to figure out. An Introductory Post will welcome you to the new site and acquaint you with the changes. Please use the CONTACT US feature to advise of any difficulties you may have or discrepancies you may notice.

Change, especially with familiar computer screens, can be a challenge. But this change required by the VFA’s phenomenal growth–our readership has more than tripled in the last two years–is all good news. We are making room for more viewers, subscribers, features and posts in the coming years. We thank everyone of you, who have contributed to this expansion and look forward to hearing your opinions and reading your posts in the future.


3 comments on “VFA WEBSITE UPGRADE

  1. We’re growing strong!

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  2. Robin Gregory
    December 12, 2015

    Exciting news! Thank you.

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  3. tuilorraine
    December 13, 2015

    Can’t wait – very exciting news.

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