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Jodine TurnerJodine Turner 

Jodine Turner is a founding member of the Visionary Fiction Alliance, and is passionate about helping this transformative genre reach a wider audience and literary success. She is also a multiple award winning, best-selling author of Visionary Fiction, magical realism, and fantasy.

While living in Glastonbury, England, the ancient Isle of Avalon, for a year (a dream come true for her), Jodine began writing the Goddess of the Stars and the Sea series. Her novels are an edgy saga about priestesses who have lived in Avalon down through the ages to today.

Jodine is also a therapist, Ph.D nurse, consecrated priestess, as well as an Adorata Practitioner in the spiritual path of embodied love. She currently resides in Oregon with her husband Chris (whom she met in Glastonbury), and their four magical cats.

Visit Jodine’s website for more information.

Margaret Duarte

Margaret Duarte’s parents immigrated to the United States from Holland (the Netherlands) with her two older brothers the year before she was born. She grew up on a series of dairy farms in California to what became a very large family—seven brothers and two sisters. When she entered high school, her fascination with creative writing began. She was fortunate to receive excellent instruction, plus a great deal of encouragement, from her English teachers. One put an extra credit story she had written into the annual school literary publication and another made copies of one of her essays for the entire junior class as an example of excellent writing. Both incidents left a lasting impression on her, though she didn’t comprehend their full significance at the time. Scholarship in hand, Margaret entered Sacramento State College where she earned a BA degree in English and a secondary teaching credential. Then she did something she swore she would never do—married a dairy farmer.

Over the following thirty years, she helped on the family farm, raised two sons, taught at a local middle school, and dabbled in an assortment of hobbies, but did little writing other than in her journal. It wasn’t until her sons were grown that she finally returned to what her teachers had encouraged her to while in school—writing. Though it delayed her career as a writer, Margaret never regretted her decision to marry and raise a family. Her years as wife and mother taught her about love and selflessness and fueled her for the years of writing that lay ahead. They also uncovered what would become the driving force behind her work: the call for spiritual and emotional freedom.

For more information and updates, visit Margaret’s webpage.

Eleni Papanou 

Eleni Papanou is an award-winning author of visionary fiction. She wrote her first poem when she was an outcast at school.  Honored with the name  “Greek Freak,” she believed life was plagued with misery, torment and endless suffering. A spontaneous kundalini awakening thrust Eleni on a spiritual path that constantly tested her to the breaking point by challenging her world-view and everything else she held sacred. Through visions and personal insights, Eleni eventually discovered the Universe has a sense of humor. She started laughing more—mostly at herself—whenever she caught herself taking things too seriously. After many years on the path of self-rediscovery—Eleni had a lot to say. Having already written several screenplays, she decided to describe her experiences in novel form.

In addition to writing, Eleni is working on her master’s in Industrial/Organizational psychology. She likes to spend her free time with her  two daughters. Her hobbies include audio recording, photography, collage art, singing, songwriting, photography,  graphic arts, bodybuilding and hiking. For more information and updates, visit her website to find out more about her work.

Vic Smith

Victor E. Smith (Vic) is a writer specializing in Visionary Fiction, a semi-retired computer trainer to the publishing industry (15 years as a consultant to The Wall Street Journal), and a spiritual/paranormal researcher currently residing in Tucson, Arizona.

The son of writer parents, Vic began with poetry and essays in his teens, experimented with stage and screen plays in his 20’s, and then, given the requirements of raising a family, limited himself to educational and technical publications during his working career. His first novel, eked out over decades of doing everything else, The Anathemas, a Novel about Reincarnation and Restitution, was published by Outskirts Press in 2010 and is available in hardcopy and ebook on For the last couple years he has been working on a second novel, The Perfect, another dual lifetime saga that bridges between the Cathar religious rebels of medieval times and a Grail hunter from the Nazi period; target date for completion is the end of 2014.

While quite busy with the production of his own works, Vic remains dedicated to the Visionary Fiction genre as a community: its definition, promotion and eventual propagation to both writers and readers, believing as he does that our work can be a powerful catalyst in taking the quantum leap to that next level of human evolution without which the future prospects of our race are dim indeed. Without Vision we fly blind–that simple!

Vic’s website and blog can be found at


6 comments on “VFA Steering Committee

  1. Ellen Moss
    April 22, 2014

    I am thrilled to find all of you. Thrilled and inspired. Your words are manna.


  2. reanolanmartin
    August 20, 2014

    I’ve been writing Visionary Fiction for years under the subjects of Metaphysical Fiction and/or Spiritual Realism. All I really knew was that my work was not Fantasy or Magical Realism. Not until I won an IPPY gold in VF this year for Mystic Tea, did I discover that the genre had finally crystallized under the VF name. Thanks to you all for building a shelf for our books! Isn’t it fitting that while we quietly pursued our own impossible dreams, others were busily doing the same, and finally–a tipping point arrived, making all our dreams possible. Energy of the same nature always connects. Blessings to all! rea


    • Admin - Eleni
      August 20, 2014

      Thank you for your comment. I felt the same way when I first discovered visionary fiction. And yes, energy of the same nature always connects. Welcome to the VF family, and congratulations on your win.


  3. Tahlia Newland
    December 12, 2014

    How does one go about submitting an article or a book for review? I have filled in the contact form here three times and never got a reply. Perhaps something is wrong with your form. Or is this a closed group? I’d like to see more book reviews here. I expected reviewing to be a major function of a site promoting visionary fiction, and have been disappointed at the lack. I often pick up visionary fiction and find it lacking. It would be good to have some trustworthy reviews.


    • margaretduarte
      July 12, 2015

      Hi Tahlia. We are currently not reviewing articles or books on a regular basis. To be quite honest, we simply don’t have the time. If and when we acquire enough qualified volunteers to write trustworthy reviews, we will most definitely add this important function to our site. This is not a closed group. In fact, we encourage participation. My only excuse for not always getting back to those who fill out the contact form is, again, lack of time. If you would like to submit a VF book review for consideration, we would love to hear from you.


  4. Bob Edward Fahey
    January 9, 2015

    Boy, do I identify with Eleni!


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